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Feast of San Gennaro - Los Angeles The Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood, CA Feast of San Gennaro - Los Angeles

2015 Vendor Alley

Welcome to the Galbani Italian Feast of San Gennaro Los Angeles website!

We are proud to be of service to you and our Southern California community. Our site is designed to be a resource for people interested in Italian and Italian American culture, our history and our future. The Italian American culture and values are alive and well in Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods. On these pages we hope you will find a network of people, events and wonderful experiences that will be new to some and familiar to others. We would like this site to be a channel for like-minded individuals to create, share and enjoy the things that are so inherent to our culture. We hope you will enjoy our events and participate in our charitable efforts. As Italians, we understand that in order to do great things, you must love the things that you do.  Please join us!